As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate the use of single-use plastic packaging, our Re:Luxe Paradise Pocket boxer briefs are now available in bundles that are packed in reusable zip pouches. Use the pouch to organize your gym bag, pack clean underwear, keep dirty laundry, store toiletries or to just Marie Kondo your stuff.

The only way to offer underwear without single-use plastic packaging is to ensure that the items can't be returned. If it's your tirst time trying this underwear, try ONE pair here first. All packs are final sale. No returns or exchanges for packs, which means no emissions from multiple package shipping routes, no discarded products and no packaging waste.

Inside every pack are modern, upgraded base layers rebuilt for a sleek, minimalist appearance. We paired eco-friendly luxe performance microfiber with smart designs to make this a comfort powerhouse. This pair packs all the features you need for work, sweat, play and everything in between (because you’ve got better things to do than remembering to pack an extra pair).

We reinvented the area that supports your twig and giggle berries by creating the Paradise Pocket - an all encompassing mesh cradle that provides anatomical separation between your “goods" and your thighs to prevent unwanted skin contact, stickage and friction. No more awkward sumo squat or elongated side step - just life-changing comfort and adjustment-free days.